Hello all,
My name is Vania. Born  in Bulgaria. I lived in Greece for 11 years. The last 8 years I have been living in Prague. 
Initially I studied IT and interior design , but Photography  became my obsession-perhaps because it’s  greatly involves the Science and the Art . It’s best way to express my senses, my vision of life, my perception of beauty, even my thoughts. Since I am constantly challenging, learning, inspired… 
I love happy people, that’s way my priority are portraits. Weddings are the best occasion to shoot beautiful and happy people in a nice surrounding. It’s always fun with a happy families too 🙂 Capturing emotions and moments of happiness it’s the most important for me.
 I use natural, soft light most of the time, subtle colours,  simple compositions with casual everyday feel. 
But the most important thing about me is that I am a mother of two lovely  girls!
If you think that we have something in common and we could share any ideas or thoughts please just write me!


tel. 721 237 408

Have a nice time and thanks for looking through! All photos on the website  and on my social media pages (Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest) are my own proper!