I am a Lifestyle Portrait & Family Photographer, and I found meaning in doing that especially for your children..

The most precious things we own are the pictures of our family. I will  help you to make that photos, where every body are includes, occasion to bring all the family together and to create a beautiful memories.
 I like to be involved in the styling, so the color will match and the result to be a bright, colorful, sharp and a good quality photos.

…something personal

My name is Vania and the last 10 years I have been living in Prague with my family.
Initially I studied IT and interior design , but Photography  became my obsession-perhaps because it’s  greatly involves the Science and the Art . It’s best way to express my senses, my vision of life, my perception of beauty, even my thoughts. Since I am constantly challenging, learning, inspired… 
   I like to use natural, soft light most of the time, subtle colours,  simple compositions with casual everyday feel.
I am a mother of two teenage girls and for us is really important whatever we do or create to be estetical. We all love to look at the old pictures and believe me they are not so many that I am involved in.

 So don’t hesitate to call me.

Autumn family session

Sandevi family



Family of 5 !

Chlebik Burobinskij

Mother & Son

Misa & Olivier Wedding

Family session

Family in the park


If you think that we have something in common and we could share any ideas or thoughts please just write me!


tel. 721 237 408

Have a nice time and thanks for looking through! All photos on the website  and on my social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) are my own proper!